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Create An Empowering Vision for Your Life

Vision Boards Workshop


Date: Next workshop day to be announced (It is possible to make private arrangements for a group of friends wanting to create a power vision for their life as a part of birthday celebration for example).

Duration: All day, 10:00 - 17:30

Group size: max. 9 persons

Cost per person incl. tea/coffee and materials: €75

Location: Fahrenheitstraat 562, 2561 DJ The Hague
















In this Vision Boards Workshop you will be guided in gaining clarity about and defining your dreams and goals.You will also be shown how to get much more intentional and deliberate in manifesting a life of your dreams using a fun and powerful technique of creating a vision board.


A vision board is a board of any sort used to create a collage of images and words that you cut from from various magazines, as well as print out of Internet, or write, or even draw them yourself. It is a visualisation tool that serves as your image of the future and it adds clarity to your dreams and goals, and most importantly it adds feelings to the vision of your ideal life. To read more about the workshop and/or register


How to Recreate Authentic Intimate Relationships

Relationship Workshop


Date: To be announced

Duration: From 7PM on Thursday the to 5 PM on Sunday the 8th

Group size: max. 4 couples

Cost per person incl. tea/coffee/refreshments: €300

Location: Fahrenheitstraat 562, 2561 DJ The Hague


It feels great when you are connected with another human being from that point of ownership and authenticity that the D'Ansembourg's quote here on the right (or below if you reading this on a mobile) is referring to. Being able to see and receive the other person, fully, without personalising their issues, or taking their pain as being your fault, is empowering for both. Yes, it is possible and it feels great, and it also takes practice and willingness to open yourself vulnerably to the other. Additionally, it requires patience, first and foremost with yourself and then withthe other person as well.


Sometimes we need guidance and support from a book, a trusted friend or a professional, who can help us see where we are getting stuck and show us new ways of acting, that bring us the closeness, sharing and relationships we wish to have. Together with my partner (in life) Jerry Zondervan I offer this kind of support and guidance for couples who wish to create and live such relationships.

We invite you to explore our retreats and workshops on the subject of relationships, communication and relating with important people in your lives


The workshops we offer are Weekend Intensive Workshops. For more information and detaild programme please click here

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''Connection is the energy

that exists between people

when they feel seen, heard, and valued:

when they can give and receive

without judgement:

and when they derive

sustenance and strength

from the relationship.''

Brené Brown




''Very few people living as couples are

in a person to person relationship,

a relationship of

responsibility, autonomy and freedom where each party feels

the strength and confidence to say:

We , you and I, both have

the strength and autonomy,

and at the same time

we love being together

because it is even more joyful

to share, to exchange,

and be together.

We do not strive to fill up the gaps

but to exchange plentitude!"


Thomas D'Ansembourg

''Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real''



''Without communication no real understanding can be possible.

But be sure that you can communicate with yourself first.''

Thich Nhat Hanh


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