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Human beings are relational beings, which means that most of our lives we function in and through relationships be it a relationship with someone else (our parents, siblings, children, spouse, etc.) or even the relationship we have with ourselves. Often our relationships with these significant people in our life are not satisfying. We feel estranged with people who are supposed to be closest to us. We get locked in expectations from each other, roles that we are supposed to play and fulfil, or we are hanging on the past hurt protecting ourselves behind an invisible wall, to the point that we are no longer able to see or hear the actual person in front of us, let alone connect with each other.


It feels great when you are connected with another human being from that point of ownership and authenticity that the D'Ansembourg's quote is rferring to. Being able to see and receive the other person, fully, without personalising their issues, or taking their pain as being your fault, is empowering for both. Yes, it is possible and it feels great, and it also takes practice and willingness to open yourself vulnerably to the other. Additionally, it requires patience, first and foremost with yourself and then withthe other person as well.


Sometimes we need guidance and support from a book, a trusted friend or a professional, who can help us see where we are getting stuck and show us new ways of acting, that bring us the closeness, sharing and relationships we wish to have. Together with my partner (in life) Jerry Zondervan I offer this kind of support and guidance for couples who wish to create and live such relationships.

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Workshops & Courses


''Connection is the energy

that exists between people

when they feel seen, heard, and valued:

when they can give and receive

without judgement:

and when they derive

sustenance and strength

from the relationship.''

Brené Brown




''Very few people living as couples are

in a person to person relationship,

a relationship of

responsibility, autonomy and freedom where each party feels

the strength and confidence to say:

We , you and I, both have

the strength and autonomy,

and at the same time

we love being together

because it is even more joyful

to share, to exchange,

and be together.

We do not strive to fill up the gaps

but to exchange plentitude!"


Thomas D'Ansembourg

''Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real''



''Without communication no real understanding can be possible.

But be sure that you can communicate with yourself first.''

Thich Nhat Hanh


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