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''Only in an open,

nonjudgmental space

can we acknowledge

what we are feeling.

Only in an open space

where we are not all caught up

in our own vision of reality

can we see and hear and feel

who others really are,

which allow us to be with them

and communicate with them properly.''

Pema Chödrön

'''The last of human freedoms is to choose one's attitudes.''

Viktor Frankl

''It's not to late to ask yourself

if you really are the person

you want to be. And if not,

who do you want to be?''

Morrie Schwartz

''Do not ask what world needs.

Ask what makes you alive,

and go do it.

Because what world needs

is people who have come alive.''

Howard Thurman

 ''Understanding human needs is

half the job of meeting them.''

Adlai Stevenson

Empathize, rather than

put your ''but'' in  the face

of an angry  person

Marshall B. Rosenberg


Living Peacefully

Humanistic Counselling & Life-coaching

KvK number: 66762871

To Living Peaceful - Humanistic Counselling and Life-Coaching Practice. My name is Gordana Stankoviċ and I am grateful for your giving your time to visit and read my website. I wish to share with you a bit about myself and the ways, in which I can and contribute to your life and the world at large.At the same time I wish to meet my needs for sharing and creating a peaceful world based on love, compassion, honesty and harmony.

What do I offer?

What issues can I help you with?

  • relationships, marriage and family issues
  • work related issues and career decisions
  • communication
  • stress and anxiety
  • feelings of anger, guilt and shame
  • difficulty with adjusting to life in a new enviroment (e.g. workplace, country, culture, etc.)
  • creation of fulfilling life driven direction and meaning
  • accompanying clients on their journeys into depths of themselves assisting them with discovery of their full potentiality.

How can I support you?

By offering authenticity, empathy and acceptance I create a confidential, safe and supportive environment for you to freely explore and express your feelings and needs.

Among others, together we:

  • work on recognising your own triggers, beliefs, patterns and behaviours;
  • bring clarity to identifying and understand feelings and needs that drive you;
  • find out what inspires you and what brings you zest for life;
  • give direction to where you want to be and what you want to have more of in your life;
  • look for strategies that will help you to get you there and to create a life you have always wanted to live.

What is my approach? 

An integration of:

  • Humanistic Counselling (also known as Person-centered or Rogerian counselling ),which puts a client at the centre of the counselling process. According to Carl Rogers the client knows best what is right for him. Hence the client leads the process while the counsellor facilitates it by offering, acceptance, empathy and genuineness, whereby creating safe environment for the clients to open up, to explore their issues and to draw on their own resources to solve the difficulties they are having.
  • Principles of Needs- based or  Nonviolent Communication, which offers practical and powerful skills for compassionate giving and receiving, helping to create deep, meaningful connections and transform (potential) conflicts into peaceful dialogues, at work or in your private life.This process of communication was developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. For more information see www.cnvc.org

Contact Details

To book the first free orientation session or for more information please contact:

Gordana Stankovic

Living Peacefully

Humanistic Counseling & Life Coaching

Fahrenheitstraat 562

2561 DJ The Hague

The Netherlands

E-mail: info@livingpeacefully.eu

Tel.: +31 (0)6 59 13 56 99

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