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The first orientation session takes normally around 30-45 minutes and is free. We shall use this session to get to know each other and to map out possible issues and problems that may be subject of the future sessions. In this first session we shall establish an initial 'click' between us, which is normally an essential element for building of a trust bond necessary for the future work together.

Confidentiality is another important component of the counselling and/or coaching relationship. Everything that we discuss in the sessions is kept in the strictest conficence between client and myself, the coach. 

The 'real' work begins in the sessions following the orientation sessions.  That is when we start addressing every issue in depth. These sessions last 90 minutes.

A number of sessions varies from client to client. Some clients will need only a few sessions, while others might choose to go through a much deeper process of self-discovery and inner transformation and therefore a longer term counselling process will be more suitable for them. In every individual case the number of sessions is agreed between client and myself and is regularly assessed and adjusted in line with the process, the development and the client's needs and wish to continue.


Normally the sessions take place once a week usually at the same time and day of the week.

I offer in-person, face to face sessions as well as Online sessions.

In-person, face-to face sessions I enjoy the direct contact with the client and the exchange of energy that occures durign a session. I offer face-to-face session from my home in Fahrenheitstraat in The Hague. In some instances the sessions can take place at the client's work or home or another place. In such cases travel costs could be charge at the hourly rate of the session, but only with the prior agreement with the client.

The Online sessions are not only  convenient way of being counselled, but in the time of Corona virus they have become a necessity. While sitting in the comfort and safety of your own home, without additional time or money being spent on going to and from sessions you can attenda an Online session using ZOOM, Skype or even WhatsApp and Messanger. In additional to convenience of the Skype seeion some people prefered them  to  in person session because it gives them an additional level of safety to be coached while they are in their own home environment.

To book an initial free session please

E-mail me at:

or alternatively

Phone:  +31 6 59135699


Your investment

I truly hope that you would see counselling as something that will benefit your life in both short a long term, and therefore, an investment worth making rather than yet another cost to be incurred.

Your investment will be in form of money, time and commitment to your own development and inner growth. 

Financially,  the rate is €75 per session (90 minutes), for either online or face to face sessions. The first orientation session is free of charge.

In situations when you are unable to afford the suggested amounts (due to for example low wage or unemployment ) yet you are committed to making changes in your life and believe that you would benefit greatly from sessions with me, I am open to discussing your situation and am willing to consider your suggestion of contributions, which you would be able to afford comfortably, and which would at the same time meet my needs for financial security, as well as development and growth.

Time-wise you will be committing yourself to a weekly one hour session plus the time in between the sessions when you will start more consciously paying attention to th process and changes happening inside of you.

Apart from money and time your investment will also be reflected in the commitment you make to your inner growth and responsibility you take for your inner processes and consequently your interactions and relationships with others.

The real changes with counselling and coaching happen in your day life when you apply the tools you have acquired in the sessions and start replacing your old behaviours and strategies with the more life serving ones which better meet your needs.

“Angry humans are frightened.

And instead of compassion,

we offer anger back.”

Byron Katie

''If you judge people,

you have no time to love them.''

Mother Teresa

''He that lacks time to mourn,

lacks time to mend.''

Sir Henry Taylor


''In all situations,

it is my response that decides

whether the crisis will be

escalated or de-escalated,

and a person

humanised or de-humanised.''

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe


''There is nothing good or bad,

but thinking makes it so.''

William Shakespeare


''Prejudice of any kind implies

that you are identified with

the thinking mind.

It means that you don't see

another human being any more,

but only your own concept

of that human being.

To reduce a human being to a concept

is already a form of violence.''

Eckhart Tolle


Living Peacefully

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