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"Gordana has guided me during my journey of healing the emotional trauma that I had suffered in my childhood. 

In all of our sessions I felt very supported by her knowledge, kindness and patience while I was learning to identify and to express my feelings and needs in a non-violent way that, at the same time, allowed me to heal the painful past.

The sessions were not always easy for me due to the deep sadness I had in me for so many years but as we progressed with each session, I started to notice little by little the changes in me and in my daily life as, for instance, in my interaction with people. Each encounter with a person was so much more authentic, deeper and peaceful than before, since now I was expressing myself through my true feelings and needs. I also noticed that because of my new learned understanding of feelings and needs, I could give space unconditionally to the other person to be themselves regardless of what they were feeling or needing at that moment. At the end of the encounter I would feel satisfied and joyful for the wonderful experience I had had. 

I am certain that I could have not been able to heal and to learn how to re-connect with myself, if I was not been given a safe and comfortable environment where I could do the work on my pace and without judgment from her side. I also felt accompanied by her all along the way. She joined me instead of being just an observer and waiting for the time to pass.

I now live my life with awareness of my feelings and needs which makes my life richer, joyful and peaceful.

I am Gordana forever grateful."

NA, The Netherlands 

"After having once experienced a counsellor some years ago after a time of great personal loss and grief, who talked to me about the grief cycle, I always thought I would never go near another counsellor every again.

At the end of last March 2014 I had been through five weeks of a dreadful flooding experience throughout the winter when my house was surrounded by water and I was trapped, put up with bullying management on a contract I had, and financially felt stretched as the sole bread winner of the household.

I met Gordana on a trip to Spain in April and at this time I was at an all time low. I felt exhausted, emotional and completely burnt out. My life I felt had lost direction and I was not coping with anything. In April I was fortunate enough to see Gordana daily for five days, and she began to get me to think differently and understand myself, relationships, corporate life and what I had been through. Gordana has herself been through life, so she is non judgemental and totally supportive and thought provoking. A lot of what she spoke to me about has now stuck with me for months. I frequently speak with Gordana as life has its up and downs and I always come away with a different perspective on the situation and relationships which helps me move forward as a person and in my life.

As corny as it sounds without Gordana's help I am not quite sure how I would have moved on in life. She is an amazing person and who I highly recommend.''

Liz Goodman, England,UK

''Gordana has been my counsellor for these past 18 months.

During that time she has helped me re-analyse my life and address some difficult issues from the past .This has involved some thought provoking sessions but at the end of each one I felt uplifted and reenergised so as to meet the challenges of life in the future. She has used a number of techniques which required homework and reading – all of which created a beneficial experience.

Gordana is never judgemental but leads one step by step through a process of increasing self awareness and connection to others. All in all she has improved my approach to life enormously to both my benefit and I believe to those around me.

I would recommend her unconditionally to anybody.''

Tony P., UK


"Coaching has actually changed my life. I spent a lot of time searching for understanding, looking for insight. In the tradition of Occam’s razor, where the simplest answer is the correct one, it only took insight into my own needs to gain the understanding I spent so much of my life searching for.

The key for me was working with Gordana. Through Gordana, I learned how to communicate through my deepest values and needs while understanding the needs of others – what needs they are trying to meet by their behavior. What I learned from Gordana is that Compassionate Communication is not a means of changing other’s point of view, but a way to work with the awarenessi of my own needs. Now I have the tools to deal with any encounter, no matter how challenging with genuine connection. Working with Gordana has been a truly empowering experience.''

Kimberly, USA

"Through the nourishing connection established on our person-to-person sessions with Gordana since summer 2013 I have been blessed to receive great support and expanded in my awareness of self care & empowerment. I felt welcome, understood and reciprocated. With our sessions eventually transitioning to online the flow nevertheless remained deeply heartfelt. Gordana has the balance of challenges made kind and compassionate, fine tuned to my needs every time I turn with the cry for help. What I value the most in our sessions is the sense of identity & self worth she supports me to shape, with respect, lovingly. And support is continuous even if by quick "how are you?"

I am grateful."

Violeta, a dancer, writer and poet, The Netherlands


During the counselling process I have realised that bottling my thoughts is destructive and lowers your energy. I have learned to send negative thoughts away. I enjoyed letting all thoughts out, it was like lifting a heavy load off my chest. I laughed a lot. Gordana is very easy to get on with a very friendly personality. I would have enjoyed seeing her more often.

UB, 80 year old woman, England


''I found that just talking to someone helped me to identify the problems. Although I did a lot of analyzing and thinking on my own, in between the sessions, I found that each session helped me to think in a different way and to further identify and develop my “issues”.

During the coaching I realised that my problem had many different aspects. The sessions helped me to appreciate what I find important in life and why that is important for me. I also learned to focus more on my feelings, rather than thoughts. The counselling also helped me to understand that my problems had less to do with other people and more to do with myself and how I look at myself. I also found that it gave me tools to deal with my problem, and how to learn how to avoid ending up in a situation I am not happy with. It also helped to be able to et up goals for the future.

In my opinion Gordana is a very professional counsellor/coach. She did point out important issues for me and added another dimension to my problems and thoughts. Her relaxed way, professionalism and sense of humour made me feel comfortable during the sessions. I really appreciated that she was able to guide me and was able to trigger new thoughts and feelings.''

KF, female late 30s, Sweden

"If you talk to a man

in a language he understands,

that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language,

that goes to his heart."

Nelson Mandela

Owning our story can be hard

but not nearly as difficult

as spending our lives running from it.

Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky

but not nearly as dangerous

as giving up on love

and belonging and joy –

the experiences

that make us the most vulnerable.

Only when we are brave enough

to explore the darkness

will we discover

the infinite power of our light.

Brené Brown, PhD

''What we call the secret of happiness

is no more a secret

than our willingness

to choose life."

Leo Buscaglia

See me Beautiful

See me beautiful

Look for the best in me

It's what I really am

And all I want to be

It may take some time

It may be hard to find

But see me beautiful

See me beautiful

Each and every day

Could you take a chance

Could you find a way

To see me shining through

In everything I do

And see me beautiful

Red and Kathy Grammer

Living Peacefully

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